Spring at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Amman

Just as the flowers come into full blossom this season, The Residences are also undergoing a blossoming of their own, with notable achievements this month including:

- The revealing of the tower’s magnificent architecture following the dismantling of the façade scaffolding

- The commencement of the installation of kitchen cabinets and appliances as well as sanitary ware fixtures

- The completion of the marble tiling in the dry areas of The Residences

Brighten up your days during spring at The Residences and experience the inspiring month and all its offerings.


Surrounded by beautiful outdoor spaces, The Residences are the optimal place to truly enjoy the blissful weather of spring. Spacious and verdant, the buzzing landscaped gardens make an exceptional setting for a leisurely stroll to watch nature regain its colors and enjoy the season’s mild weather — the perfect balance of coolness and warmth.



Thoughtful design and carefully planned layouts allow you to fully appreciate spring’s best gift, the warmth of sunlight, at every room at home. Striking floor-to-ceiling windows at the bedroom mean you get to wake up gently as the morning sunlight seeps into your bedroom (if you so choose), while the large windows and balconies fill your kitchen and living room with an unmatched natural glow to soak in throughout the day.



Ideal for a morning cup of coffee or an evening respite, the spacious balconies at every home allows you to catch the fresh spring breeze during all hours of the day. Let the day effortlessly unfold as you watch its changing colors while taking in the panoramic views of the city.

For spring bloom to take its full effect, transform your balcony into a vibrant mini garden to fill your home with life, color and floral aromas. The smell of flowers at night, coupled with a hot cup of mint tea make the perfect recipe for a memorable spring evening.



Outdoor relaxation is easily attainable at The Residences, with access to a beautifully appointed tanning deck, the ideal spot to bask in the sun after the long winter. Bring back the glow to your skin while losing yourself to a book, or sipping on a refreshing drink in the sun-filled outdoor space.


Welcome the season of change with a change of your own and embrace the sense of renewal the season carries with a little self-nourishment of the mind and soul. Follow in the footsteps of the season and take the chance to declutter your thoughts and focus your priorities. If you would like to engage in a bit of self-reflection, the fully equipped fitness center at The Residences has all the space you need to disconnect with the world, and reconnect with yourself.