There is no measure too extreme, when it comes to preserving the health and well-being of those who bring dreams to fruition. Resilience and prosperity are the very foundations on which all dreams are built - and every foundation must be rightfully supported.

Construction works of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences in Amman resume, where everyone is equipped with specialized masks and gloves. Together they work with diligence and maintain an appropriate distance of at least 1.5 meters apart, all across the project site. For they know that this distance, despite taking away from the simple meaningful interactions that constitute life, is the very bridge that brings them closer in the blooming near future.

To ensure their prosperity continues in good health, sterilized transportation buses operate at half capacity, and are appointed by a schedule to stop at the newly installed UVC sterilization booths, just outside the gates of the premises. Random tests take place around the clock, as well as sterilization of the entire project site, for only the highest safety measures are fitting of their vigor.

Their tireless service starts and ends with an ultimate vision to bring you closer to what you value most; from reuniting with family members, to preserving old friendships, and realizing your goals. Dreams come to fruition when all hands take turns watering the garden, and the bedding at The Residences is well and lush.