In just a few months, homeowners of The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Amman will be experiencing the epitome of refined living in the heart of the city.

Our highly skillful team has been relentlessly adding their finishing touches over the past few months to ensure the prompt delivery of the state-of-the-art residences that will soon become homes. The level of craftsmanship that went into the finishing polishes is truly unparalleled, and perfectly on par with the grandeur the name Ritz-Carlton holds.

This November, the iconic landmark will open its doors for its current and prospective residents, offering them a wide array of luxurious amenities, outlets and most importantly scenic views of the city.

All the stone work on floors 1 through 17 has been completed with the highest level of intricacy and attention to detail, a perfectly nuanced embodiment of 21st century masonry.

To ensure a truly modern depiction of upscale living, the commissioning of air-package units, panel boards, wiring devices, and home automation is currently in process and is nearly done.

The marble tiling for Penthouse Level 1 has officially begun and will be ready just in time for the opening this coming November.