The latest protective technologies and the highest standards of care set the tone for a restful and undisturbed living at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Amman. With your wellbeing as our top priority, we take worry out of the equation, so you can focus on creating lasting memories at home.


Embrace the sense of serenity and tranquility the moment you step through the gate of your tower, manned at all times by a welcoming doorman. As you make your way through the lobby, the familiar faces of The Ladies and Gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton, able to distinguish residents from guests, will meet you with a smile and greet you by name. Meanwhile, access cards in elevators are programable to prevent unauthorized access to the floors of the towers.


A range of safeguards can be found throughout the tower, in addition to CCTV cameras that keep watch over all floors to ensure you feel at ease at all times. 
Additional precautionary features extend into your residence as well, housing pre-installed fire evacuation and voice systems that mute all sounds to alert you in the case of fire. While we strive to help you sleep soundly every night, smoke detectors installed in bedrooms are equipped with a sounder base to ensure you wake up in case of emergency.


With your wellbeing in mind, rigorous cautionary measures augmented with the latest technologies have been set in place across all common areas at The Residences, including the lobby, corridors, outdoor spaces, and entertainment facilities.

  • High-resolution CCTV cameras with face-detection technology are installed in every corner and are monitored around the clock by dedicated officers.
  • Trained and experienced personnel, armed with radio systems and location-identifying gear, patrol the grounds in regular shifts day and night.
  • Weather-proof outdoor speakers are distributed across all outdoor facilities, designed to eliminate outdoor noise and deliver clear broadcasts in case of emergencies.
  • Fire alarms and voice evacuation systems block all background and ambient noise to transmit messages, while interfacing with lighting control systems that raise lighting intensity levels in case of fire.
  • Dedicated floors are designated as refuge areas to accommodate occupants in extreme cases of emergency until the arrival of relief forces.


Extensive preventative measures are also implemented at the parking areas of  The Residences, deterring unauthorized access to the property. From driving in to going out, you and your car will be taken care of at every turn.

Arriving at The Residences, you will be met by a member of the valet staff who will take your car and park it for you in its dedicated spot.
As vehicles approach the parking, monitored 24/7 by high-resolution CCTV cameras, officers positioned at the gate will carry out a series of protocols, including checking for explosives and running car license plates against a preset database.

In addition, various physical defences are also put in place to facilitate vehicle movement around The Residences.
These include gate barricades, road blockers and tiger teeth barriers, which can trigger swiftly in the event of non-compliance. Whether you are relaxing in the comfort of your home or enjoying the outdoor areas, you can feel confidently at ease knowing every detail around you is meticulously planned and executed to ensure your well-being and comfort at The Residences.