258 Days to Opening 

Jordan has delightful weather and moderate winters, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The evenings always carry a chilly breeze, even during the hottest summer days, where The Ritz-Carlton Residents can enjoy the property’s various outdoor spaces at any time. 

While immersing with nature, residents may savor their afternoon tea facing a steadily running waterfall, and surrounded by chirping birds tickling all their senses.


Situated on a hilltop, residents enjoy exceptional views overlooking the scenic city lights of Amman, whether it is from their home’s balcony, or the outdoor spaces at the in-house cafés and restaurants. All residences accommodate a minimum of one balcony, and terraces for some residences throughout the floors of the tower, casting a net of abundant sunshine and a refreshing breeze.

The play area atThe Residences opens to an outdoor space for children to enjoy some fresh air and the warm sunshine.

Natural Vitamin D, sun-kissed skin and all the pool time the heart desires; residents will have access toa top-notch outdoor pool, serviced by The Ladies and Gentlemen ofThe Ritz-Carlton.